Danny Jensen


Hometown: Evergreen, CO
Current Residence: Scottsdale, AZ
Career Highlights: Has finished in the top 10 in multiple in pro tournaments.

Danny was a D1 soccer player at Ohio State. After an injury, he stepped away from sports altogether, although it’s notable that he finished his soccer career top 10 in goals, assists, and points.

On an early pre-dawn morning in Scottsdale, Danny was invited to a pickup pickleball game. “I became instantly addicted”, he says. “I just kept going back every morning at 5 am and playing.”
Unlike soccer, pickleball is a solo sport that requires personal accountability and strategy, which Danny loves. “I think of it like chess or boxing,” he says. “I have spent the last two and a half years training and competing to be a top pro player. With no racquet sport background, the growth did not come as easy but has been very rewarding.”

When he’s not playing pickleball, Danny loves to travel, play pool, exercise, and spend time with friends and family. He is currently in Costa Rica coaching on a Pickleball Getaway. His goal is to become a semifinalist, but in the meantime, he is enjoying every second of his career. “If I ever stop having fun, I’ll quit,” he says. “Pickleball is my favorite thing I’ve ever done.”