Cason Campbell


Hometown: Palmetto Bay, FL
Current Residence: Palmetto Bay, FL
Career highlights: Denver PPA Tour Gold 5.0 July, 2023, Boca Masters Pro Gold Medal January 2024, Quarterfinals of PPA Mesa February 2024 pro singles, Quarterfinals of PPA Lakeville, MN pro singles

Cason’s Pickleball journey started in December 2022, when his mother gifted him a paddle for Christmas. A tennis enthusiast (‘I was obsessed,’ he confesses), Cason tried Pickleball once and was fully immersed in the sport immediately.

He loves the variety and craft of the game and the competition. “I love using all the angles, coming to the net, volleys, and attacking from the middle.” He considers himself to be an aggressive player, and while he has competed mostly as a single, he is looking forward to playing more doubles matches. “I drove an hour to Del Ray to play, since there aren’t that many players in Miami. That’s the issue for me with doubles. The only thing I lack right now is experience.”

To keep his mind on the game, Cason maintains high levels of positive energy whenever he is playing. “If I keep my energy high, then I can forget about anything else. Sometimes I focus on one person on the sidelines. That helps to keep me positive.”

Although he has been playing only a short time, Cason believes his weapons are his forehand and backhand. He hopes to be number one in a singles event in the next few years. When he’s not playing pickleball (a rarity!), Cason plays soccer and loves spending time outside in the Florida sunshine.